Ce  lenze worm gear motor  shop  China  in Zanzibar United Republic of Tanzania  Approved High Power Ms Series Geared Motor for Reducers with top quality

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Produce Name:geared motor

General Description:

 1.MS series three-phase asynchronous motor is the totally enclosed, fan-cooled inducti were the newest product in the 90S’ ,its overall level has reached the same products abroad at the beginning of 90S’level. The product apply to economic lake-off fields, such as machine tools, water pump, fan, compressor, also can be applied to transportation, stirring, printing, agricultural machinery, food and other kinds of excluding inflammable, explosive or corrosive gas.
2. MS series three-phase asynchronous motor installation size and power grade in conformity with relevant standards of IEC and Germany DIN42673 standard line and Y series motor, its shell protection grade for IP54, cooling method for IC41l, operate continuously (S1). Using F insulation class and grade B assessment according to temperature (except for 315 L2-2, 4355 all specifications F grade the assessment, and ask the assessment load noise index.
3. MS series three-phase asynchronous motor the rated voltage is 380 V. rated frequency is 50 Hz. 3 KW the following connection is Y , other power are delta connection .

4.Motor running the place at no more than 1000 m; Environment air temperature changes with seasons, but no more than 40 °C; Minimum environment air temperature is-15 °C; The wet month average high relative humidity is 90%; At the same time, this month is not higher than the lowest average temperature 25 °C.

Operating Conditions

Ambient termperature: -15°C-0-40°C
Altitude: Not exceeding 1000m
Rated voltage: ±5%
Rated frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Connection: Y Star-connection for 3Kw and below
                  Δ Delta-connection for 4Kw and more
Duty/Rating: Continuious(S1)
Insulation Class: F, the termperture rise of the stator winding is examined at 80K.
Protection Class: IP55
Cooling Method: IC411


 geared motor Technical Data:

Model No.    Rated PowerCurrent(A)




Power Factor


380V 50Hz Synchronous Speed 3000r/min (2Pole)
MS63M2-2 0.250.340.692720680.812.35.52.3
MS71M1-2 0.370.51.012740690.812.26.12.3
MS71M2-2 0.550.751.382740740.822.36.12.3
MS80M1-2 0.7511.772830750.832.36.12.2
MS90S-2 1.523.46284078.50.842.372.2
MS90L-2 2.234.852840810.852.372.2
MS100L-2 346.34287082.60.872.37.52.2
MS112M-2 45.58.2289084.20.882.37.52.2
MS132S1-2 5.57.511.1290085.70.882.37.52.2
MS132S2-2 7.51014.92900870.882.37.52.2
MS160M1-2 111521.32930880.892.37.52.2
MS160M2-2 152028.82930890.892.37.52.2
MS160L-2 18.52534.72930900.
380V 50Hz Synchronous Speed 1500r/min (4Pole)
MS71M1-4 0.250.340.791330650.742.25.22.1
MS71M2-4 0.370.51.121330670.752.25.22.1
MS80M1-4 0.550.751.521390710.752.35.22.4
MS80M2-4 0.7511.951390730.762.362.3
MS90L-4 1.523.72140078.50.782.362.3
MS100L1-4 2.235.091430810.812.372.3
MS100L2-4 346.78143082.60.822.372.3
MS112M-4 45.58.8144084.20.822.372.3
MS132S-4 5.57.511.7144085.70.832.372.3
MS132M-4 7.51015.61440870.842.372.3
MS160M-4 111522.31460880.852.372.3
MS160L-4 152030.11460890.852.372.3
380V 50Hz Synchronous Speed 1000r/min (6Pole)
MS71M2-6 0.250.340.95850590.68241.9
MS80M1-6 0.370.51.23890620.724.71.9
MS80M2-6 0.550.751.7890650.722.14.71.9
MS90S-6 0.7512.29910690.722.15.32
MS100L-6 1.524940760.762.15.52
MS112M-6 2.235.6940790.762.16.52
MS132S-6 347.4960810.762.16.52.1
MS132M1-6 45.59.5960820.762.16.52.1
MS132M2-6 5.57.512.6960840.772.16.52.1
MS160M-6 7.51016.9970860.782.16.52
MS160L-6 111524.297087.50.792.16.52
380V 50Hz Synchronous Speed 750r/min (8Pole)
MS80M2-8 0.250.341.1640540.611.93.31.8
MS90S-8 0.370.51.49660620.611.941.8
MS90L-8 0.550.752.17660630.61241.8
MS100L1-8 0.7512.43690700.67241.8
MS112M-8 1.524.4680740.7251.8
MS132S-8 2.236710790.71261.8
MS132M-8 347.8710800.73261.8
MS160M1-8 45.510.3720810.73261.9

Q: Do you offer OEM service?
A: Yes
Q: What is your payment term?
A: 30% T/T as deposit in advance, 70% balance after receipt of the copy of B/L or before shipment.
Q: What is your lead time?
A: About 7-20 days after receipt the deposit or original irrevocable L/C.
Q: What certifiicate do you have?
A: We have CE, ISO. And we can apply for specific certificates for different demands. 

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a. Factory Prices — with advanced lamination,casting,rotor pouring, winding, painting,testing and pac ept machines, all of major materials are produced by ourselves which saved the production cost a lot;
b.Guaranteed Quality — 100% new material,100% cooper wire,100% power, perfect appearance,low noise and no heating also slight vibration,100%tested before pac ept and 100% qualified  before shipment;
c.Professional Service — Much expericed international business sales can supply you good solutions and cooperate with you very well.

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Ce  lenze worm gear motor  shop  China  in Zanzibar United Republic of Tanzania  Approved High Power Ms Series Geared Motor for Reducers with top quality

Ce  lenze worm gear motor  shop  China  in Zanzibar United Republic of Tanzania  Approved High Power Ms Series Geared Motor for Reducers with top quality