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Rotating shaft-driven mechanical components are commonly used in all forms of machinery that perform the various processes and functions of modern industry.

  • Shaft misalignment will place stresses on shafts and related parts of the assembly such as bearings, which can result in early failure of both.
  • Shaft ends can be misaligned radially or angularly, exhibit axial displacement, or experience a combination of all three.
  • Drive couplings can be used to compensate for shaft misalignment, whether the misalignment is an intentional or an unintentional part of the design.

Drive shaft structure

The drive shaft relies on the spline and the taper shaft to transmit torque to the planet carrier. The taper fit often fails to transmit torque due to loose and worn eccentric bolts. Therefore, the structure of the drive shaft needs to be improved. The automatic selection of drive shaft is included. Remove the taper part of the drive shaft, and design the drive adapter plate and the spline shaft as two separate parts, the adapter plate is designed as an internal spline groove that matches the drive shaft spline, and the drive shaft spline is designed as a full-body spline to transmit torque. , The torque is completely transmitted by the cooperation of the spline shaft and the planet carrier, and the spline shaft will no longer cause stress concentration due to the variable cross-section and uneven strength of the tapered shaft, thereby improving the strength of the drive shaft.


Drive coupling description

Working conditions
The drive shaft is subjected to alternating stresses such as torsion, shear, tension and compression, impact, etc., which can also cause torsion and bending vibration of the drive shaft, resulting in additional stress; uneven stress distribution; sliding friction between the drive journal and the bearing.
Performance requirements
The failure modes of the drive shaft are mainly fatigue fracture and severe wear of the journal. Therefore, the material must have high strength, certain impact toughness, sufficient bending, torsion fatigue strength and rigidity, and high hardness and wear resistance on the surface of the journal.
Drive shaft material
Forged steel drive shaft: high-quality medium carbon steel and medium carbon alloy steel, such as 40, 45, 35Mn2, 40Cr, 45Cr, 35CrMo steel, etc.;
Material selection
This type of material is medium-carbon alloy steel, which adopts quenching and tempering (or normalizing) heat treatment to improve and improve processing performance. In recent years, a new type of steel has been widely used in high-power engines, that is, alloy quenched and tempered steel, that is, by adding Si, Cu, Ti and other alloy elements to refine the grains, strengthen the steel matrix, and increase the strength of the steel.

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Ensure that the power can be reliably transmitted when the relative position of the two connected shafts changes within the expected range;

Ensure that the connected two shafts can run evenly. The additional load, vibration and noise caused by the included angle of the universal joint should be within the allowable range;

High transmission efficiency, long service life, simple structure, convenient manufacture and easy maintenance. For automobiles, since the output shaft of a cross-shaft universal joint rotates at unequal speeds relative to the input shaft (with a certain included angle), double universal joints (or multiple universal joints) must be used for transmission. The two universal joint forks connected with the drive shaft are arranged on the same plane, and the angles of the two universal joints are equal.


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